Allard Shelton Appoints John Mascaro Associate Director

Monday 04 September 2017


Senior property manager John Mascaro has recently been appointed as Associate Director of Allard Shelton. This new role will see John bring a breadth of experience and knowledge to the company as well as good governance; mentoring the existing property management team, all of who currently enjoy continued success under his expert guidance.

His property career has seen the last 5 years within Allard Shelton as senior property manager, where his knowledge and experience has positioned Allard Shelton at the forefront of the property management arena. His thorough knowledge of commercial asset legislation together with his strong negotiation skills, attention to detail and commitment to the industry is of great benefit to all his clients. “John’s outstanding leadership qualities and expertise all contribute to the consistent delivery of excellent service, and ultimately his continued success. We are privileged to have such a great force as part of our team.” stated Director Patrick Barnes.

John commenced his property career in 1998 working with city fringe agencies and has enjoyed a career spanning across all sectors of the property market including residential, retail and commercial. He has also worked with a wide range of clientele from institutional organisations to private investors, managing a vast calibre of properties throughout Melbourne.


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